2021-2022 Registration

Online Registration Link

Scout registration for 2021-2022 will be done using a Google form:

The national scouting council raised the fee from $66 to $72 in 2021. We have elected adjust our costs as to not pass that increase on to our members.

2021-2022 Fees

Please make sure to use the same email address for online payments as you do registration. Financial assistance is available via the Monmouth BSA for those who qualify. See next section for details.

Number of scoutsCash.AppPayPal
or Check
1 returning scout$166$170
1 new scout$191$195
2 returning scouts$332$339
1 returning scouts, 1 new scout$357$365
2 new scouts$382$390
3 returning scouts$446$456
2 returning scouts, 1 new scout$471$481
2 new scouts, 1 returning scout$496$507
3 new scouts$521$533

Financial Assistance

The Monmouth BSA has two programs to assist families that might have trouble paying the fees associated with scouting:

Service Fee Assistance: This program is meant to offset the $52 Monmouth Council fee per scout collected on up to two (2) youth. More information and the application can be found on the Monmouth BSA website at: https://www.monmouthbsa.org/servicefeeassistance.

Family Assistance: This program is meant to offset registration fees (including insurance fee), costs associated with the uniform (shirt, pants, neckerchief, hat, etc.), or costs associated with obtaining the youth handbook. More information and the application can be found on the Monmouth BSA website at: https://www.monmouthbsa.org/familyassistance.

If applying to either of these programs, please notify the Pack Treasurer at [email protected]

2021 Scouting Incentives

For the 2021 scouting year, we are offering the following incentives for those who sign up before 12/31/2021:

Leaders: Anyone who takes a leadership role (den leader, cub master, board member, etc) will receive a 100% refund of ONE scouting fee at the end of the year

Scouts: Any scout who completes the 2021 scouting year will receive a 50% discount on their 2022 scouting year fee (does not apply if the leader incentive has been taken for the scout)

Cash.App Payments

We are accepting payment online via Cash.app as an alternative to PayPal as we are not charged fees there:

PayPal Payments

PayPal payments incur a fee of $0.49 + 1.99% of the total. Please make sure to use the same email address you use for registration when sending money via Paypal:


We are only accepting checks in the rare cases that payment cannot be made via the above two methods. Checks must be made out to CUB SCOUT PACK 66  mailed to the Pack Treasurer. Please email [email protected] for postal mailing information.

Per Scout Fee Breakdown

Fee DescriptionAmount
Monmouth Council Service Fee$52
National Fee $72
Leader Registration and Insurance Offset$12
Scout Awards/Advancement/Pinewood Derby Car$14
Misc Fees (bank fees, web site, scout portion of charter fee)$2
New Scout Registration$25
Total New Scout$191
Paypal Fee ($0.49 +1.99% of total we need to collect)$4-$12

Although this looks like a large amount, it really breaks down to approximately $13.83 per month (~3 Starbucks coffees per month) for the year.

Detailed explanation of fees

Monmouth Council Service Fee: This Fee replaces the annual “Friends of Scouting” campaign at the unit level. The fee is capped at a maximum of two (2) youth per household. The Board also decided that they will not consider any increase in this fee for five years.  In addition, an assistance program has been established and any family unable to pay the Service Fee may apply for consideration. More details from Monmouth Council can be found here.

Insurance: This is insurance provided at the council level (not national) which covers primary general liability and secondary accident and sickness coverage at all unit, district, and council events.

National Fee: This is the fee we pay to the national scouting organization.

Leader Registration and Insurance Offset: Our leaders are all volunteers, many putting in hours of their time each month to ensure that all scouts have a great experience. All leaders must be registered with the national organization ($45) and be covered by insurance ($12) to act in an official capacity. In addition, we must cover our Cubmaster, Committee Chair, and Charter Organization Representative.

Scout Awards/Advancement/Pinewood Derby Car: All scouts work toward achieving their rank by participating in adventures and earning belt loops (Lion through Bear) or metal adventure pins placed on the Webelo colors. Once they have completed all of the requirements, they receive an official patch designating their rank. Each of these belt loops and pins are important in helping a scout recognizing the progress they are making and have an associated nominal cost. The pinewood derby is one of the signature scouting events which involves engineering, creativity, sportsmanship, and most importantly, a sense of accomplishment. By providing each scout with the same starting point, we level the playing field while encouraging participation.

Misc Fees (bank fees, web site, scout portion of charter fee): There are a number of reoccurring fees and charges the pack must pay to sustain its administrative functions. These fees are evenly distributed across the scouts in the Pack to ensure we can continue to function at the core levels.

All events, outings, equipment, other expense are paid for through our fundraising efforts

New Scout Registration: Please see https://scoutingwire.org/bsa-membership-fee-increase-details-and-faq-updated-6-4-2021 for details on this new scout registration fee.